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Lathkill Music Publishers

Voice & Guitar : Chris Dumigan

A Thomas Hardy Suite by Chris Dumigan

for female voice and guitar

A Thomas Hardy Suite by Chris Dumigan was written for Duo Amiche (Tamara McCoy and Valérie Hartzell).

Through careful sequencing and sympathetic musical setting, Chris Dumigan has woven seven separate Hardy poems into a cohesive and beguiling suite with a narrative that, depending on your interpretation, could represent the cycle of a year, a life, or both. The music is beautiful, charming, inventive and witty, and each movement has an individual character whilst enabling the larger work to progress and transform through a range of musical styles and emotions.

We think that this suite is good enough to form a duo with a singer just to be able to include it in performance!

Vocal range - G below middle C to F# a 12th above with an optional high A, therefore, will suit an accomplished mezzo soprano, alto or contralto.
Guitar part - approx grade 7.
Length - approx 20 minutes.
Presented in score over 29 pages.
£11 book
£8 pdf