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Solo Guitar : Chris Dumigan

Jessica by Chris Dumigan

for solo or two guitars

This very lyrical and emotional composition was named after the composer's eldest daughter and was written in its original solo guitar form in 1995. Five years later Chris Dumigan decided to re-write it for guitar duet. Both versions are included in this edition.

Shuko Shibata gave the first performance of the solo version in Manchester on 30th April, 1998 whilst the duet version was given its premiere in Brighton in 2001 by Paul Gregory and Alison Parratt.

Separate parts are supplied for both players in the duet version.

"Utterly charming to play or listen to." - Classical Guitar Magazine

"Sweet but not saccharine, this would make a most pleasant encore selection for a guitar duo." - GFA Soundboard Magazine

12 pages
Solo grade 6
Duet grade 5
£8 (book)
£6 (pdf)