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Lathkill Music Publishers

Two Guitars : Steve Cooper

A Portrait of Kindness by Steve Cooper

for two guitars

A Portrait of Kindness by the English composer Steve Cooper is a contemplative and restful composition. The beautiful melody has a gentle, lyrical nature underpinned with attractive and subtle harmonies throughout and the piece would make an ideal choice for any informal concert or in the teacher/student situation.” – Steve Marsh

As written, Guitar 1 carries the melody throughout with Guitar 2 providing an arpeggiated accompaniment. Duos who would like a more even distribution of roles can play from the score and simply swap parts at strategic points in the music.

Although conceived as a guitar duet, A Portrait of Kindness is extremely effective with the Guitar 1 melody part played by any instrument (regardless of octave). A PDF of Guitar 1 for transposing instruments or instruments in a different clef is available on request.

Lasts approx. 3½ minutes
2 page score with 3 pages of separate parts
Grade 5
£7 book
£5 pdf
LMP 199