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Two Guitars : Michael Bard

Mediterranean Beauty for two guitars by Michael Bard

Mediterranean Beauty is a beautiful and highly melodic composition for two guitars by the gifted American composer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Bard that features on his album Illumination. This versatile piece makes an attractive moment in any type of concert as well as being ideal teaching material.

As written, Guitar 1 carries the melody throughout with Guitar 2 providing an arpeggiated accompaniment. Duos who would like a more even distribution of roles can play from the score and simply swap parts at strategic points in the music.

Although conceived as a guitar duet, Mediterranean Beauty is extremely effective with the Guitar 1 melody part played by any instrument (regardless of octave). A PDF of Guitar 1 for transposing instruments or instruments in a different clef is available on request.

Edited by Eleftheria Kotzia as part of the Eleftheria Kotzia Series
Lasts approx. 5 minutes
3 page score with separate parts each 2 pages
Available in staff notation or TAB
Grade 5
£8 book
£6 pdf
LMP 104