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Four Guitars : Telemann arranged by Gary Spolding

Concerto in G major, TWV 40:201 by Georg Philipp Telemann arranged for four guitars by Gary Spolding

This miniature concerto in 4 movements, originally written for four solo violins, translates beautifully onto guitar and demonstrates Telemann’s gift for variety and invention.

Both highly entertaining to listen to and a pleasurable to play, it’s the kind of music that engenders practice, therefore, useful as teaching material and concert repertoire.

Writing is shared equally amongst the parts meaning every player gets to take on the roles of melody, accompaniment and bass.

The arrangement sounds great with one player per part or played by a larger ensemble. For this reason permission is given to make up to 4 copies of each part enabling the work to be performed by up to 20 guitarists.

If you like Gary Spolding's arrangement of Palladio by Karl Jenkins we think you’ll love this. If you don’t already know Palladio then click here to listen.

7 page score and 4 separate parts each 3 pages

Grade 6
£8 (book)
£6 (pdf)

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