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Four Guitars : Purcell arranged by Gary Spolding

Rondeau from Abdelazer by Purcell arranged for four guitars by Gary Spolding - free sheet music

Free sheet music for four guitars or guitar orchestra - Just click 'preview' above to download.

Rondeau from Abdelazer by Henry Purcell is a striking piece of music made doubly familiar owing to the main rondo theme being the basis for Benjamin Britten’s Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. Lasting less than two minutes, and coming from the early Baroque, this arrangement for four guitars or guitar orchestra by Gary Spolding makes an ideal concert opener.

The arrangement contains a range of difficulties throughout the parts. Guitar 2 has minimal accidentals and is all in the staff aside from 3 low Bs making it accessible to players who have reached Grade 2 standard. Guitar 1 requires a competent Grade 4 standard player and Guitars 3 and 4 are each around grade 3 standard.

If you work in education, this arrangement has these useful features…
- a 3/2 time signature
- two short trills for Guitar 1
- the classic ABACA rondo form

This piece is one in a series of arrangements by Gary Spolding for beginner guitar ensembles. Each arrangement has at least one guitar part that is accessible to a player of ABRSM grade 2 standard and the other parts are never more difficult than grade 4. They can be performed as guitar quartets with one player to a part or by guitar orchestra with multiple players per part making them ideal for guitar societies or school concerts.

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3 page score and separate parts each 1 page
Grade 2-4
FREE as a pdf - just click 'preview' above
Not available as a book
LMP 202