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Four Guitars : Mozart arranged by Gary Spolding

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik first movement by Mozart arranged for four guitars by Gary Spolding

Here is the extremely familiar and perennial favourite first movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arranged for four guitars or guitar orchestra by Gary Spolding.

Lasting approximately 5½ minutes without the repeats this piece will suit an ambitious and enthusiastic group of guitarists who have reached grade 2 to 4 standard, and is guaranteed to delight performers and audience alike.

Guitar 1 carries the melody throughout, Guitar 2 has been made as simple as the music will allow in order to get less experienced players involved, and Guitar 4 requires a player used to reading ledger lines. (Guitar 3 is enjoyable to play but very much in the ripieno role!)

If you work in education, this arrangement has these useful features…
- a variety of basic and often encountered rhythmic patterns.
- requires careful observation of same-bar-rule for accidentals.
- sudden and extreme dynamic changes that are lots of fun in an ensemble situation.
- great for walking fingers!

This piece is one in a series of arrangements by Gary Spolding for beginner guitar ensembles. Each arrangement has at least one guitar part that is accessible to a player of ABRSM grade 2 standard and the other parts are never more difficult than grade 4. They can be performed as guitar quartets with one player to a part or by guitar orchestra with multiple players per part making them ideal for guitar societies or school concerts.

If you like the look of this arrangement then Fauré’s Berceuse from Dolly Suite may also be of interest.

7 page score and separate parts each 3 pages.
Grade 2-4
£6 as a pdf
Not available as a book
LMP 168