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Lathkill Music Publishers

Brass Instruments : Morley

12 Canzonets by Thomas Morley trans. Gary Spolding

for two brass instruments

12 Canzonets by Thomas Morley from The First Booke Of Canzonets To Two Voyces (1595) transcribed for brass duo. They are not overly complex but very satisfying to play. With sumptuous Renaissance harmony and counterpoint, including hemiolas, false relations, meter changes, double suspensions and a smattering of Picardy thirds, this wonderful music lives beyond the text, and as brass duets they sound a like mini Gabrieli sonatas.

The duets can be played by…
- two treble clef instruments (e.g., two C trumpets, Bb cornet & Bb euphonium, Eb tenor horn & Eb bass),
- two concert pitch bass clef instruments (e.g., trombone & tuba),
- any treble clef Bb instrument with any concert pitch bass clef instrument (e.g., trumpet & trombone).

When played by instruments pitched an octave apart the different sonorities provide enough clarity to the musical lines to enable the lower-voiced instrument to play either the upper or lower stave.

18 pages in score format - no separate parts
Please specify treble or bass clef when you order
Grades 4 to 5
£1.80 as a pdf
Not available as a book