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Brass Instruments : Bordogni Vocalises for Two

Vocalises For Two by Marco Bordogni trans. Gary Spolding

for two brass instruments

Marco Bordogni is arguably the ultimate composer of melodious études, writing a total of 120 superb solo studies. Vocalises For Two presents his less well known but equally stunning 12 duet vocalises transcribed especially for brass instruments by Gary Spolding. They make fabulous repertoire for concerts and recitals as well as entertaining and challenging recreational duets for advanced players. The writing is so good that the separate parts can even be used individually as flow studies, sight-reading or transposition exercises.

As these wonderful duets were conceived both for two equal voices and voices pitched an octave apart, Vocalises For Two is available in treble or bass clef giving them the flexibility to be played by…
- two treble clef instruments (e.g., two C trumpets, Bb cornet & Bb euphonium, Eb tenor horn & Eb bass),
- two concert pitch bass clef instruments (e.g., trombone & tuba),
- any treble clef Bb instrument with any concert pitch bass clef instrument (e.g., trumpet & trombone).

Print and try the PDFs of both parts for the first half of numbers 1, 2, 9, 11 & 12 above.

For Bordogni's complete solo vocalises click here.

52 pages in separate parts
Please specify treble or bass clef when you order
Grades 6 to 8+
£8 as a pdf
Not available as a book