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Brass Instruments : Bordogni Complete Vocalises

Complete Vocalises by Marco Bordogni trans. Gary Spolding

for treble clef brass instruments

Complete Vocalises brings together in one volume Marco Bordogni’s highly regarded and hugely enjoyable melodious études transcribed especially for treble clef brass instruments.

This substantial collection of challenging and musical studies contains 120 solos and 12 duets, along with detailed background information and an interpretation guide, making the book an invaluable resource for trumpet, cornet, tenor (alto) horn, euphonium, baritone, or brass band trombone and Eb bass tuba players and teachers.

The music has been painstakingly transcribed from 19th century first editions by Gary Spolding with the choice of keys and piece order influenced by Joannès Rochut.

An extensive range of styles, tempi, keys and time signatures within the pieces provides a fully comprehensive selection of music which can be incorporated into your practice routine in a variety of ways…

• Choose specific vocalises to help fine tune different aspects of musical development - as written they make excellent legato études or flow studies, when played without slurs they transform into superb articulation studies.

• Play through the book in order - the pieces are presented progressively moving from intermediate to advanced and spending just 3 days on each piece gives over 1 years worth of practice material.

• Sight-read through the book then go back to the beginning and work each piece up to performance standard.

• Open the book randomly for high level sight-reading or transposition work.

• Find new music to perform in concert.

An index of first lines makes it easy to navigate this considerable body of work and locate individual vocalises by specific musical characteristics or by melody style.

However you use this book, the benefits from playing lyrical études are indisputable and Bordogni is arguably the ultimate composer of music 'in the singing style'.

We feel that Complete Vocalises by Marco Bordogni is the perfect continuation to ‘The Art of Phrasing’ at the back of the Arban and has the potential to become an equally recognised method and resource for brass players.

318 pages comb bound
Grades 5 to 8+
Postage is £4.70 to UK addresses. Enquire for rest of the world.
Not available as a pdf.