6 Duos Opus 50 and Duo Concertant Opus 55 by Belcke transcribed for brass instruments by Gary Spolding

6 Duos Opus 50 and Duo Concertant Opus 55 by Friedrich-August Belcke transcribed for two brass instruments (originally written for trombone) are relatively unknown duets that are well worth exploring. The 6 Duos are simple study-like pieces, all in the key of Bb, that rely heavily on canonic imitation peppered with a few surprising twists. The Duo Concertant is a substantial and superb three movement sonata that rivals the Celebrated Duets of Saint-Jacome.

Available in treble or bass clef.

The duets can be played by…

  • two treble clef instruments (e.g., two C trumpets, Bb cornet & Bb euphonium, Eb tenor horn & Eb bass),
  • two concert pitch bass clef instruments (e.g., trombone & tuba),
  • any treble clef Bb instrument with any concert pitch bass clef instrument (e.g., trumpet & trombone).

It doesn’t matter if the instruments are pitched an octave apart or if the lower-voiced instrument plays the upper stave.

21 pages in total - the 6 Duos are in score and the Duo Concertant is in separate parts.
Grades 4 to 8
£enquire (book)
£2.10 (pdf)