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Solo Guitar : Bach:Uncovered

Bach:Uncovered vol. 5 - Flute Partita - trans. Gary Spolding

for solo guitar

Bach:Uncovered Volume 5 Flute Partita BWV 1013 is like no other guitar edition of this piece.

Have you ever played Bach and wondered how much the music had been changed? Gary Spolding had exactly the same thought so developed the idea of presenting Bach’s original writing, stripped back to just the notes, in guitar friendly keys, but with no other editorial changes.

Once transposed into a suitable key, the vast majority of the music is playable without further adaptation. A little DIY is needed in places and Adaptation Notes at the back of the volume offer advice how to negotiate those moments. Enjoy the music with minimum change or use it as the starting point for your own arrangement.

More details about the transcriptions
- Transposition is always across the whole work, not individual movements, and some works remain in their original key.
- Pitches (after transposition) and rhythmic values are unaltered, but rests and stem directions are not always the same as in the source material.
- As a result, there are no revoiced chords, filled out harmonies, added bass lines, or attempts to highlight any implied counterpoint.
- In a small number of places the music requires some adaptation, therefore, Adaptation Notes are at the back of the volume and marked unobtrusively in the score with letters.
- No articulation is included.
- Works that exist in more than one version are transcribed in the same key with the same bar layout in order to make comparison easy.
- Each work is referenced from the earliest known source material.
- Notes that are obvious candidates for octave transposition are marked 8 in the score. Out-of-range notes are not comprehensively labeled with an 8 but they have occasionally been marked to help clarify phrases that benefit from octave transposition.
- A page showing the original clefs and keys of the source manuscripts is included at the back of each volume.

11 pages
Grades 6 to 8
individual movements not available separately
£7 book
£5 pdf

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