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Lathkill Music Publishers

Two Guitars : Alfonso Montes

Bachata and Sonando Sur by Alfonso Montes

for two guitars

Two pieces for guitar duo by Alfonso Montes.

Bachata is a slow sentimental type of song while Soñando Sur is an up tempo, sensual dance, widely and extensively cultivated by popular musicians and dancers from the beautiful Caribbean Island of the Domenican Republic.

(Bachata and Sonando Sur complete the three pieces which make up Young Suite, the third piece, Young, is published separately by Lathkill Music LMP093).

Bachata looks simple on the page, yet the piece when heard is lovely. ... To sum up, beautifully written, well presented and the composer's dynamics. A great addition to the duo repertoire." - Classical Guitar Magazine

5 page score and separate parts each 5 pages
Grade 6
£9 book
£7 pdf