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Lathkill Music Publishers

Solo Guitar : Stathis Skandalidis

Seven Medieval Pieces arr. Stathis Skandalidis

for solo guitar

The Seven Medieval Pieces arranged for solo guitar by the Greek guitarist Stathis Skandalidis come from an Italian medieval manuscript kept in the British Library. Of the 119 pieces in the manuscript there are fifteen single line unaccompanied instrumental dances and Stathis chose seven of these to arrange for guitar. The end results are a tour de force set of pieces ranging in emotion from the touchingly poignant to fiery passion and everything in between. For proof, here is the arranger performing all seven...

Grade 6-8
Approx. 9 minutes

Standard notation only
12 pages
£9 book
£7 pdf

Standard notation and TAB
16 pages
£11 book
£9 pdf