Easy Ensembles Vol 1 by Anthony Rowden and Gary Spolding

Easy Ensembles is a collection of 'fun to play and effective to listen to' ensemble arrangements and compositions in four graded volumes. This volume is aimed at the Preliminary-Grade 1 group.

Each piece can be played one person to a part or can be shared amongst a larger group with effective doubling on the melody or to give more security to less confident individuals.

Titles are: Ode To Joy (Beethoven); Aura Lee (Traditional); Blues for 3 (Spolding); La Bergamasca (Traditional); Maiden Fair (Traditional); Andante (Carulli) ; Jingle Bells (Pierpont); Indian Dance (Spolding); Tanz (Hausmann); Abide With Me (Monk).

Grade Preliminary - Grade 1
£8 (book)
£6 (pdf)