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Guitar Ensemble : Bizet arranged by Gary Spolding

Farandole from L'Arlésienne by Bizet arr. for guitar ensemble by Gary Spolding

The famous Farandole from L'Arlésienne by Bizet arranged for four guitars by Gary Spolding is guaranteed to excite performers and audience alike.

Lasting approximately 2½ minutes this piece will suit an ambitious, enthusiastic group of guitarists who have reached grade 2 to 4 standard. Each guitar part carries some of the melody with the majority of that role going to Guitar 1. Guitar 3 has been consciously made as easy as the music will allow in order to get slightly less experienced players involved, and Guitar 4 will need to be adept at reading ledeg lines and playing simple two note chords where one of those notes is always an open string.

If you work in education, this arrangement has these useful features…
- a great canon near the opening.
- a key change from A minor to A major.
- dotted rhythms against straight quavers.
- a long crescendo - always exciting to play in a group situation.

It can be played as a quartet with one player per part or expanded into a larger ensemble, perfect for guitar societies or school concerts. Includes permission for up to 4 additional copies of each part to be made, enabling the work to be performed by up to 20 guitarists. If you have more players please honour the publishers trust by purchasing a second copy.

If you like the look of this arrangement then Grieg's Norwegian Dance No. 2 may also be of interest.

3 page score and separate parts each 2 pages
Grade 2-4
£6 (book)
£4 (pdf)