Chamerolles (alternative guitar and flute version) by Paul Lewis

Chamerolles is a fairytale French Renaissance chateau built by the romantically named Lancelot du Lac (Lancelot of the Lake), which has been restored and its ancient gardens replanted. It is bathed in the perfumes of fragrant flowers outside and of essences distilled from ancient recipes within. All this deeply moved the composer on his first visit and inspired the music.

The Suite has four movements: Danse galante, Jardin dautrefois, Parfum dantan and Lancelot du Lac.

The work was first performed by the dedicatees Susanna Candlin and John Mills at the Medieval Hall, Salisbury, on October 15th 1994. The guitar part has been fingered by John Mills.

Full score and separate parts.

Grade 8
£14  (book)
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