Etudes Amicales by Paul Lewis

The two Etudes Amicales, or friendly studies, were written for two pairs of friends, and are spontaneous gestures of appreciation for their friendship and musicianship.

A Paris was composed in 1991 as a musical thank-you after spending a happy day in Paris with the dedicatees, guitarist and composer Erik Marchelie and his cellist friend Lucille Fauquet. In the style of a Parisian cafevalse, it uses the first three notes of my Concerto Francais for guitar, cello and orchestra, a run-through of which had been the reason for my visit to Paris the day before.

Having performed A Paris several times, another distinguished guitarist/composer friend, Paul Gregory, and cellist Rachel Firmager suggested that the friendly study itself should have a friend in the form of a companion piece. So in 2003, inspired by their intense and romantic performance style, I composed the Argentinian-sounding Tango Erotique. - Paul Lewis. October 2003

"This is ideal music for any pairing of these instruments as it is tonal but not predictable, with just enough of the unusual about it to please players and audience alike. Great!"

Grade 8
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