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Guitar Ensemble : Abreu arranged by Steve Marsh

Tico-Tico by Zequinha de Abreu arr. for guitar ensemble Steve Marsh

Tico-Tico is the most famous piece written by Brazilian musician and composer Zequinha de Abreu.

This arrangement for four guitars by Steve Marsh includes a variety of strumming patterns and guitar percussion, and the interaction between parts and use of melody in octaves make this 2 minute long piece very enjoyable to perform. We think it suits guitar ensemble so well it could almost have been conceived as one!

Tico-Tico can be played as a quartet with one player per part or expanded into a larger ensemble.

5 page score and separate parts each 2 pages
Includes permission for up to 4 additional copies of each part to be made, enabling the work to be performed by up to 20 guitarists. If you have more players please honour the publishers trust by purchasing a second copy.
Grade 4-5
£7 (book)
£5 (pdf)