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Eleftheria Kotzia Series : Edmundo Vasquez

Cantos De Amor Olvidados for guitar and cello by Edmundo Vasquez

Eleftheria Kotzia Series

'Cantos de Amor Olvidados' is a brilliant concert work, was written for Eleftheria Kotzia and features two popular songs which the composer wrote in collaboration with poet and singer Patricio Manns, the songs being 'The Fire That Destroys Us' and 'I Do Not Sing Your Name Any More'

"This is an interesting and individual work that is romantic and melodic in nature. ...this work would sit nicely in a recital and really ought to get a hearing or three." - Classical Guitar Magazine.

See the Catalogue entry HERE for sample PDFs and for more information about Eleftheria click HERE

Grade 8
£13 (book)
£11 (pdf)